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Simple, proven tools that helps you without growing your bills.

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You have something to share. We have the perfect tool to give flight to your voice in any niche market so you can lead your community by sharing your skill, knowledge, ideas, philosophy and tips without any complex or expensive setup.
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Turn Your Hussle To Income!

It is simple. Share your knowledge with thousands of other people using the power of email marketing & get paid jaw-dropping fees for sharing and now you can join smart workers who are leveraging the power of HulkMessenger to turn hustle to income across the country.


Unlimited Messages

Use your own infrastructure. Send as many messages as you need

Unlimited Campaigns

Create as many campaigns as you need. You never have to pay more for new campaigns


Create and schedule your followups and it will be delivered when you want, how you want

List Import/Export

Feel totally free to manage your list the best way you want.

Unlimited Contacts

Grow your business without worrying about growing costs as your costs stays at zero or near zero while you continue to grow

Simple Pricing

Forever simple pricing. Pay once and never again. Your bills never grow regardless of your business growth


Send the right email to the right person without having to worry if it works or not because it does

Email Verification

An advanced cleaning system that keeps your email list clean and ensure only valid emails populate your list from the word-go keep your marketing efficient

Continuos Development

We listen to feedbacks; we constantly improve and upgrade which guarantees bug fixes and new features

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What People Say...

The cost of running my business fell 80% immediately - I did not believe it. HulkMessenger is robust yet amazingly simple and as if that is not enough I have TOTAL control and no matter what I do, my overheads remain the same!

I am not just a believer because I use HulkMessenger, I now preach HulkMessenger to anyone who cares to listen.

Olayemi Alabi