Help Desk

We have your back and are always ready to assist you and help you make the most of HulkMessenger. Please see categories of support request and how best to get answers to your requests.

Pre-purchase requests

Trying to decide if HulkMessenger is right for you or have questions before you make a purchase? Start by reading through the FAQs and the how it works documents. Likely, most of your pre-purchase questions will be answered.

If you still have questions after reading through these documents, please feel free to reach out to us using the live chat or leave a message and we will be more than happy to reach back with detailed answers to your questions.

Reseller & affiliate questions

First see the overview provided here. If your questions are not answered, we are more than happy to speak with you. Please use the live chat or leave a message and someone will get in touch.

Installation Request(s)

First ensure that your server meets all requirements. See here for details

Feel free to request installation of HulkMessenger on your VPS server. To request installation, please login to your account and complete the installation request form. Installation will generally be done for you within 1(one) working day or 24hours (business day). Timeline may take longer during weekends and public holidays.

Please note that re-installation may attract an installation fee. First time installations are free.

If you have purchased an unmanaged VPS server and you are limited with installation/server configuration, you may request installation of Cpanel or Webuzo panel on your freshly purchased VPS server alongside installation of HulkMessenger. We will offer server configuration to the best of our ability FREE if you have made a purchase of your server using our affiliate links.

In cases where we are unable to resolve your server's technical issues, you will be re-directed to your webhost for technical assistance. Please have in mind that such technical assistance are actually outside the scope of our software offerings.

Support requests we cannot help with

Server down. Please reach out to your webhost. This is not an issue we can assit you with

Spam receipt. This is not something we can help with as this is not within the framework of our application. Kindly have in mind additionally that the application is hosted on your server and we have no control and that you are total responsible for the way in which you use the application.

Server email sending restrictions. We cannot assist you with this as this is likely a hard-limit imposed by your service provider. You will need to contact your service provider to request higher limits or limit removal.

FTP Access. Please contact your webhost about this problem. It is not something we can assist you with.

Cannot login to your site's control panel or have forgotten your password or root password. Please contact your webhosting provider. We cannot offer assistance regarding this.

Domain and name server problems. While we have guides that cover this, we cannot offer hands-on support for this. You will need to contact both your domain name registrar and your webhosting provider

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