Server Requirements

HulkMessenger is a self-hosted PHP/MySQL software application which means the application runs on your own server's infrastructure. It is therefore important to understand the environment on which you can/should run the software for best performance.

Webhosting Requirements

While HulkMessenger can run on almost all Linux type webhosting that has PHP 7.2 and higher, we do not recommend that you use a shared or reseller type hosting for the software.

Shared and reseller hosting can impose serious limits in terms of resource usage and email limits and may therefore be unsuitable for HulkMessenger

We recommend that you run HulkMessenger on a VPS or dedicated hosting package(s) for optimum benefits and your chosen hosting package should have all these available:

  • Linux VPS/Dedicated server with a minimum of 2GB of RAM or higher. (4GB is recommended - See how it works to learn more..)
  • Minimum disk space of 20GB. (Recommended 40GB)
  • A working website with a functional domain name (not just an IP address)
  • PHP 7.2 or higher
  • MySQL 5.7 or higher (InnoDB should be available)
  • FTP access for script installation
  • CRON (Must have ability to run scheduled tasks)
  • Local MTA (Sendmail, Postfix, Exim etc. This is usually provided automatically with most control panels like Cpanel or Webuzo). Also is required; ability to send mail via SMTP locally (or via a remote SMTP provider) and without hard restrictions on outgoing emails. If you are in doubt about this, please ask your webhost about mail sending limits
  • MySQL extension
  • GD extension
  • Php IMAP module
  • php-cli module
  • Open SSL extension
  • JSON extension
  • SSL certificate for server/hostname. (Most webhost now provide this free with Let's Encrypt)
  • SpamAssasin module - (This is recommended but optional)

Some Recommended Webhosts

Webhosts change their services, prices, terms and conditions from time to time without our knowledge and therefore we refrain from recommending one webhost over the other. Please feel free to use whatever webhost suits you the best. The hosts listed on this page may contain affiliate links and where this is true, we may earn a commission from your purchase.

Most recommended for starter is a minimum of VPS S SSD.

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